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Bonkerz Bubblez Giant Bubble Maker Set 250ml

Bring home the joy of endless fun with the Bonkerz Bubblez Giant Bubble Maker Set. This captivating toy is designed to create streams and streams of gigantic bubbles, ensuring hours of entertainment. It's the perfect addition to any party and a hit for a children's gift. The set comes with everything you need to start the fun, including two wands, a flat bowl, and a 250ml solution of premixed, non-toxic bubble liquid, ensuring it's safe and straightforward to use. While it's not suitable for children under three, it's an ideal choice for letting older kids explore and enjoy the outdoors with a bit of soapy magic. Dive into a bubbly adventure and watch your child's creativity take flight with the vibrant bubble colors – a delightful playtime that's just a dunk, blow, and giggle away.

Super Soaker Pump Water Gun Blaster 400ml

Gear up for endless summer fun with our Super Soaker Pump Water Gun Blaster! With a generous 400ml capacity and an impressive reach of 10 meters, prepare for epic water battles. Measuring 450mm x 150mm, this blaster is perfectly sized for rapid movement and easy handling. Its vibrant colors and durable design make it a hit for kids and adults alike, ready to provide a refreshing escape from the heat. Whether you're planning a pool party, beach day, or just some backyard fun, our water gun is a must-have for your arsenal. Quick to refill and even quicker to unleash, it promises a splash-tastic time for all. Don't miss out on the ultimate water warfare experience—grab your Super Soaker Pump Water Gun Blaster today and soak your way to victory!

Basketball Hoop Game Outdoor Basketball Arcade Set

Discover the excitement with our Magic Basketball Set, the ultimate indoor and outdoor sports equipment for kids, crafted to encourage active play and enhance physical skills. This vibrant set, standing at 120 cm tall with a 36 cm wide hoop, is the perfect size for young basketball enthusiasts, designed for stability and durability with a sturdy blue and yellow frame. It's an ideal choice for beginners, ensuring safe, rewarding gameplay that improves shooting skills, hand-eye coordination, and motor abilities. The sloped ramp design promotes ongoing, active engagement, returning the ball back to the player and keeping the game alive. Effortless assembly and robust construction make this basketball set a stress-free addition to any play area, guaranteeing hours of energetic and beneficial playtime. As a perfect gift for sports-loving kids, it not only offers endless fun but also fosters an active lifestyle and athletic development. Choose our Magic Basketball Set for a fun-filled, active play solution that supports your child's love for sports, promising to be a slam dunk in fun and exercise for aspiring young stars.

Fullsize Soccer Ball

Enhance your sports collection with our Full-size PVC Soccer Ball. Crafted for endurance and optimal ball control, each ball showcases an eye-catching design, ensuring it stands out during play. The diverse color options add a unique flair to your game, though please note colors may vary with each order. Tailored for players of all levels, this soccer ball is a fit for competitive matches, training sessions, and recreational use alike. Its robust build is meant to endure vigorous play across various surfaces. Charge into your next game equipped with a soccer ball that promises consistent performance and a touch of style. Remember, the ball will arrive deflated and color selection is random, offering a surprise with every purchase.

23 Piece Medium Building Block Set In Backpack

Encourage your child's imagination with our 23 Piece Medium Building Block Set, now in a handy backpack for creative play anywhere. Each pack contains a unique variety of shapes and styles, ensuring no two building adventures are the same. These blocks are perfect for children aged 3 and up, offering a tactile learning experience that promotes cognitive development. Watch as they construct, deconstruct, and reinvent with these versatile blocks that promise a fresh creative journey with every use. Styles and shapes may vary, adding an element of surprise and discovery to each session of play.

Mini Magic Foam Adhesive Bubble Wands 8ml

Elevate your celebrations with our Mini Magic Foam Adhesive Bubble Wands, perfect for any festive occasion! These charming bubble wands are not only great for creating fun at baby showers, birthday parties, and weddings, but they also serve as the ideal stocking stuffer or goodie bag filler for Christmas and Halloween. With their travel-friendly size, they're also perfect for summer camps and picnics, guaranteeing smiles and delight at any event. Make your gathering unforgettable with these magical bubble wands, sure to bring joy to guests of all ages. When you order, anticipate the thrill of the unknown, as we send a random color for that extra element of fun. What's In The Box 1 x Mini Magic Foam Adhesive Bubble Wands 8ml

Kids Mini Inflatable Beach Ball 150mm

Discover the joy of surprise with our Kids Mini Inflatable Beach Ball, available in an array of prints and colors. Each 150mm ball is perfect for young children, enhancing playtime with exciting designs. When you order, anticipate the thrill of the unknown, as we send a random color for that extra element of fun. Ideal for beach outings, pool parties, or backyard fun, these beach balls are sure to add a splash of mystery and enjoyment to your child's playtime. What's In The Box 1 x Beach Ball

Mini Basketball Hoop And Stand Combo Pack

Get ready to shoot and score with our Mini Basketball Hoop and Stand Combo Pack, perfect for aspiring young athletes. This cheerful bear-faced basketball stand is not only a fantastic addition to any child's room but also a great way for kids to have fun while developing their coordination skills. With an adjustable stand reaching up to 110 cm, it's suitable for children of various ages. Easy to set up and durable, this combo pack includes everything needed for a quick game - a sturdy hoop, basketball, and pump. It's a slam dunk for fun and active play!

Big Bubble Wand 120ml

Transform any day into a whimsical adventure with our individual Big Bubble Wand! Perfect for captivating the hearts and imaginations of kids and adults alike, each 14-inch wand is pre-filled with 120ml of our premium bubble solution, ready to create a spectacular show of oversized, shimmering bubbles. Available in a selection of eight vibrant colors, these wands make the perfect addition to party favors, gifts, or just a sunny day out in the park. Their size and ease of use guarantee a fun and engaging experience for bubble lovers of all ages. So grab a wand, breathe life into the air, and watch as the joy unfolds with every bubble's flight! Please note that random colors will be sent, adding an element of surprise to your wand What's In The Box 1 x 120ml Bubble Wand  

UNO Stacko Building Blocks Game With A Twist 45 Piece Set

Enjoy the UNO Stacko Building Blocks Game With A Twist, a 45 Piece Set that seamlessly blends the skill of stacking with the thrilling fun of UNO. UNO Stacko introduces a unique twist to the classic game, providing plenty of stacking enjoyment for everyone. Suitable for 2 to 4 players aged 7 years old and up, this game is the perfect gift for all occasions. Embrace the challenge of skillful stacking and the added excitement of UNO in this dynamic and engaging game that guarantees hours of entertainment for players of all ages. This item is a parallel import. This has nothing to do with the product’s authenticity (which it is), but it means it was imported without the approval or license of the registered owner of the trademark, and thus no guarantee or warranty in respect of such goods will be honored or fulfilled by any official or licensed importer of such goods. However, 99 Rands Pty Ltd will cover any warranty claims in accordance with our standard return/refund policy.

Jenga Octagon Building Blocks Cubes 45 Piece Set

Experience a twist on the classic Jenga game with our Jenga Octagon Building Blocks Cubes 45 Piece Set—an ideal gift for hours of fun! Stack and build with different shapes and colors as you strive to maintain the octagon-shaped tower. Revel in the excitement and anticipation as each player carefully removes and stacks blocks, challenging themselves to keep the tower intact. The last player to successfully stack a Jenga block without causing a crash emerges victorious. Explore Master Challenges included, such as turning blocks on their side at different angles or switching which colors can be stacked. Push, pull, and stack the blocks while keeping the octagonal shape to claim victory in this engaging and dynamic game.

4 Pack Sound Making Soft Squishy Puffer Spiky Ball

Our Sound Making Soft Squishy Puffer Spiky Ball is the ideal gift for kids, offering a perfect blend of entertainment and stress-relief. With its squeezable and lightweight design, this LED yo-yo ball provides a delightful squeak when squeezed and lights up in random vibrant colors, ensuring endless joy for kids of all ages. Whether they use it for stress relief, anxiety busting, or just pure fun, this playful toy makes for a thoughtful and entertaining gift that will brighten up any occasion. Embrace the element of surprise with the randomly sent colors, adding an extra layer of excitement to each playtime session. Make your gift-giving memorable and enjoyable with our Sound Making Soft Squishy Puffer Spiky Ball. What's In The Box 4 x Sound Making Soft Squishy Puffer Spiky Ball