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Intelligent Learning Tablet For 1 to 7 Year Old Kids Early Education

Intelligent Learning Tablet, a revolutionary educational tool designed for 1 to 7-year-old kids to kickstart their early education journey. Our tablet is a must-have for early learners, with features that include quick 24-hour shipping. Crafted from non-toxic, environmentally friendly ABS plastic, this tablet is both safe and durable. Its straightforward operation with just Volume +/- and an easy ON/OFF function makes it child's play. Plus, rest assured, there are no harmful LEDs to strain your kids' precious eyes. Packed with engaging content, our tablet teaches everything from A-Z alphabet letters and word spelling to colors, animals, fruits, and more, along with catchy songs to make learning fun. It's not just about education; this tablet also nurtures vital skills like emotions, hearing, grip, sensory perception, hand-eye coordination, and visual abilities. This is the ideal gift for baby toddlers, boys, and girls on special occasions like Children's Day, birthdays, Christmas, and New Year. And thanks to its lightweight and portability, learning never stops, whether at home or on the go. Elevate your child's learning experience with our Intelligent Learning Tablet today! A random selection of either a pink or blue device will be sent to you, adding an element of excitement to your child’s creative experience! If you have a specific color preference, please add your note at checkout, and we will do our best to send your preferred color.

Gaming Mouse Pad XL Large 800mm X 300mm RGB

Celebrate your gaming prowess with our Gaming Mouse Pad XL Large, generously sized at 800mm X 300mm, featuring vivid RGB lighting. Our XL RGB Gaming Mouse Pad offers 16.8 million colors customization and 10 preset lighting effects to elevate your gaming atmosphere. Crafted with a waterproof fabric surface and a non-slip rubber base, this mouse mat ensures precise control and unwavering stability during intense gaming sessions. Whether you're searching for a stylish addition to your setup or a performance-enhancing accessory, our XL RGB Gaming Mouse Pad delivers on both fronts, making it the ultimate choice for gamers.

MOCUTE 060 Stretch Dual Joystick Bluetooth Gamepad Android & iOS

MOCUTE 060 Stretch Dual Joystick Bluetooth Gamepad, an extraordinary gaming controller with a USB interface type, designed for both Android and iOS devices. This gamepad offers a direct connection mapping macro combo, enabling seamless and customized gameplay. With a wireless range of 2-10 meters, you can enjoy gaming without being tethered to your device. Its left and right dual joysticks, along with six-finger linkage support, provide unparalleled precision and control. The retractable design efficiently dissipates heat, and the built-in rechargeable 400mAh lithium battery ensures extended gaming sessions. The 360-degree high-precision 3D joystick ensures no slippage during gameplay. This gamepad employs a Bluetooth dual mode wireless protocol, compatible with versions 2.0 to 5.2. It supports IOS 13.4 or above, Android, and Windows systems. Thanks to its thoughtful design, it won't block the full-screen display of the game screen during operation. Designed to accommodate a range of devices, it supports mobile phone lengths from 115mm to 185mm, suitable for phones up to 6.8 inches. The MOCUTE 060 measures 226x90x46mm and weighs a mere 175g, making it a lightweight yet powerful addition to your gaming arsenal. What's In The Box Gamepad x 1 Manual x 1 Charging cable x 1

Silicone Support Pillow For Lower Back Pain

If you're looking for comfort and support during extended periods of sitting, the Silicone Support Pillow for Lower Back Pain is a wise investment. Its Gel Seat Cushion Comfort Blue Design Gel Pad provides exceptional support for your lower back, spine, and hips, while promoting good posture and ventilation, making it perfect for use in an office chair, car seat, wheelchair, or any other seat where prolonged sitting is required. Unlike memory foam cushions, the silicone material used in this product allows it to retain its original shape 100% of the time, even after prolonged use, without any deformation. Its unique honeycomb design prevents it from sinking down, enabling air to circulate throughout the cushion, keeping your lower body cool, and preventing unwanted sweat and diseases. This cushion is specifically designed to support your body and relieve tailbone, coccyx, or back pain caused by prolonged sitting. Overall, if you're seeking comfort, support, and good posture while sitting, the Silicone Support Pillow is an excellent choice. 390 mm x 310 mm x 40 mm What's In The Box 1 x  Silicone Support Pillow For Lower Back Pain 1 x Non Slip Protection Sitting Cover