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Sur Vitamin E Microfiber Beach Towel 900mm X 1800mm

Original price was: R249.00.Current price is: R99.00.
Infuse your beach day with the zest of summer with our "Sur-Vitaminé Citrus Beach Towel." This towel, featuring a juicy orange splash design, is sure to turn heads. With dimensions of 900mm x 1800mm, it's the perfect size for lounging or drying off after a dip in the sea. Made from plush microfiber, it’s quick-drying and effortlessly sheds sand, making it an essential beach accessory. Whether you're at a pool party or on a sandy beach, this towel's vibrant colors and energetic citrus theme are a celebration of summer fun. Wrap yourself in the spirit of sunny days and good vibes with our vitamin-packed design, ready to add a burst of brightness to your outdoor adventures.

Flamingo Microfiber Beach Towel 900mm X 1800mm

Original price was: R249.00.Current price is: R99.00.
Unleash a splash of color and style at the beach with our "Flamingo Microfiber Beach Towel," measuring a luxurious 900mm X 1800mm. This towel is not only a feast for the eyes with its bold flamingo design set against vibrant stripes, but it's also crafted for superior comfort and convenience. Featuring a microfiber fabric known for its quick-drying properties, you can say goodbye to the hassle of soggy towels. Plus, it's sand-resistant, meaning less mess and more relaxation. Whether it's for lounging by the pool or drying off after a swim, this flamingo beach towel is the perfect summer accessory for those who adore a fusion of function and flamboyant flair.

Avengers Microfiber Beach Towel 1400 x 700

Original price was: R249.00.Current price is: R99.00.
Power up your beach day with the "Avengers Microfiber Beach Towel", a dynamic choice for fans of Marvel's greatest heroes. Sized at a generous 1400 x 700, this towel is designed to stand out with its vivid portrayal of the iconic Avengers team. Crafted from high-quality microfiber, it's engineered for quick drying and sand resistance, ensuring a comfortable and fuss-free beach experience. Ideal for superhero enthusiasts of all ages, it's the perfect companion for beach adventures, pool parties, or even as a vibrant bath towel for everyday use. With its easy-to-carry and space-saving design, it's a top pick for your beach vacation packing list, ready to join you and your family on your next sunny escapade. Make a statement with this eye-catching towel that combines function with the excitement of the Avengers, bringing a touch of action to your relaxation time.

Minnie Mouse Microfiber Beach Towel 1400 x 700

Original price was: R249.00.Current price is: R99.00.
Brighten up your little one's beach day with our charming "Minnie Mouse Microfiber Beach Towel" measuring a playful 1400 x 700. This towel is not only a delight with its enchanting Minnie Mouse design, perfect for any fan, but it also boasts practical features that make it a staple for any seaside outing. Crafted from superior microfiber, it offers quick-drying and sand-resistant benefits, ensuring that comfort and ease follow your child from the sunny shores to the cozy wrap-up after a day of splashing around. Our towel combines popular elements that parents search for, like durability and eco-friendly materials, making it an excellent choice for both beach games and relaxation. Join the ranks of the best-dressed beachgoers with this adorable, high-quality beach towel that promises to be a hit during family beach vacations and summer pool parties alike.

Ben 10 Microfiber Beach Towel 1400 x 700

Original price was: R249.00.Current price is: R99.00.
Immerse yourself in the adventure of the summer with our vibrant "Ben 10 Microfiber Beach Towel". This must-have beach accessory, perfect for all the young fans, combines ultra-absorbent microfiber fabric with dynamic "Ben 10" graphics to make beach time even more exciting. Ideal for families planning their sunny getaways, our beach towel not only captivates with its high-definition "Ben 10" imagery but is also a top pick for its quick-drying and sand-resistant qualities. Dive into the best beach vacations with a towel that’s a favorite among the best beach gear for kids. Not just a thrilling beach essential, it’s also practical for pool parties and beach games for kids, ensuring your little heroes can play, dry off, and warm up in style. Don't miss out on this beach vacation essential that promises to make your beach vacation ideas for families all the more memorable. 1400 x 700

Senza Surf Time Quick Dry Cotton Bath Sheet Beach Towel 1400 X 700

Original price was: R299.00.Current price is: R99.00.
Transform your daily rituals with the Senza Surf Time Quick Dry Cotton Bath Sheet Beach Towel, generously sized at 1400 x 700. Available in 8 striking colors, you have the freedom to pick the ideal shade that resonates with your personal style, injecting vibrancy into your beach outings or regular bathroom routines. Immerse yourself in the luxury of quick-drying cotton, coupled with the visual delight of these dynamic hues. Enrich your towel collection with a burst of color that not only makes a bold statement but also instills a delightful sense of joy into your personal space. Opt for Senza and experience the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, redefining your everyday comfort.

Surf Time Large Microfiber Beach Towel 1400×700

Original price was: R380.00.Current price is: R99.00.
Get beach-ready with our Surf Time Large Microfiber Beach Towel, designed to meet all your beach needs. Measuring 1400 x 700 mm, this towel offers ample space for lounging. Featuring a retro style with a classic striped design, its bright colors remain vibrant without fading, shrinking, or unraveling after washes. This towel is easy to spot on a crowded beach, adding a cheerful touch to your beach experience. Product Features: Quick Dry: The microfiber fabric (85% polyester and 15% nylon) ensures rapid drying. Colorful Dual Tone: Bright, lasting colors. Sand-Free: The smooth, tight weave prevents sand and dust from sticking. Snap-Button Loop: Handy for hanging the towel up. Versatile Use: Ideal for beach trips, camping, swimming, yoga, and gym fitness. Product Specifications: Fabric: Microfiber (15% nylon, 85% polyester) Dimensions: 1400 x 700 mm. This size is perfect for beach use and folds compactly for easy transport. This towel dries faster than standard ones, absorbs liquids quickly, and stays sand-free, making it an essential beach accessory. Enjoy the convenience of a towel that is both functional and stylish, perfect for various outdoor activities.