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Portable Double-Rod Height Adjustable Clothes Rack with Extendable Bar

Original price was: R399.00.Current price is: R199.00.
Keep your clothes organized with the Portable Double-Rod Height Adjustable Clothes Rack with Extendable Bar Double Pole - Telescopic Clothes Hanger. This sturdy and durable multi-functional rack is designed to hold a large load of clothes, thanks to its strong metal frame and two crossbars at the bottom that prevent swaying. Made of stainless steel poles and durable plastic materials, it ensures longevity and reliability. The height adjustable feature and mobile design make it the perfect storage solution for your clothes. Whether you need it for drying laundry indoors or outdoors, this rack is ideal. It folds flat for easy storage, offering excellent convenience. The extendable bar allows for additional hanging space, making it perfect for organizing clothes in any setting. Easy to move and set up, this telescopic clothes hanger is a must-have for any home. Experience the ease of organizing with the Portable Double-Rod Height Adjustable Clothes Rack, your ideal solution for keeping your wardrobe tidy and accessible.

Senza Braai Bak Jumbo Multi Purpose Leakproof Storage Container 3500ml

Original price was: R280.00.Current price is: R99.00.
Upgrade your storage solutions with the Senza Braai Bak Jumbo, a multi-purpose leakproof container offering a generous 3500ml capacity. This transparent smoked color container measures 275mm X 200mm X 110mm, providing ample space for all your storage needs. It’s designed for versatility and convenience, being dishwasher safe and durable enough for freezer storage. You can safely use it in the microwave, and it's resilient to temperatures as high as 95 degrees Celsius and as low as -18 degrees. Crafted to be BPA-free, you can trust that your food stays safe and untainted. Whether it’s for marinating meats for your next braai, storing leftovers, or meal prepping for the week, this container is your go-to kitchen companion. Its robust construction ensures long-term use, making it an essential addition to any kitchen. Purchase your Senza Braai Bak Jumbo today and enjoy the blend of functionality and quality. Colours May Vary

500 Sheet Cube Paper Refill 76mm X 76mm

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Stock up on essential supplies with our 500 Sheet Cube Paper Refill. Each sheet measures a handy 76mm x 76mm, perfect for quick notes, reminders, or brief memos. Ideal for both school and office environments, these refill sheets ensure you're never caught without a place to jot down important information. Available in a generous stack, they fit neatly into most standard memo cube holders. Keep your workflow smooth and uninterrupted with this ample supply of cube paper refills.

Memo Cube Acrylic Holder 76mm X 76mm Incl 500 Sheet Paper

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Prepare for a streamlined note-taking experience with our Memo Cube Acrylic Holder, including 500 sheets of 76mm x 76mm paper. This compact, clear holder fits seamlessly on any desk, ensuring your memos are always at hand. Its simple yet functional design makes it a staple for office, home, or academic environments. Keep your thoughts organized and visible with this practical memo cube.

Waterproof Universal Chalkboard Labels Sticker For Kitchen & Pantry With Pen

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Revitalize your kitchen and pantry organization with our versatile Waterproof Universal Chalkboard Labels Sticker for Kitchen & Pantry With Pen. This comprehensive set features 39 reusable chalkboard labels and a marker, designed to elevate your labeling requirements. Crafted in a charming lace shape measuring 70 x 40 mm, these labels seamlessly integrate into various home and office kitchen organizers, with the flexibility to be cut to your preferred sizes. Streamlined usability is at your fingertips – a simple process of Write, Peel, and Stick ensures these waterproof labels adhere securely, and they can be effortlessly removed and repositioned without any residue. With the added convenience of being Erasable and Reusable, these labels accommodate quick edits and multiple applications. From jars, bottles, and canisters to pantry storage, cupboards, office settings, wedding embellishments, and creative projects, these labels find purpose in a myriad of scenarios. Embrace the potential of efficient organization through our Waterproof Universal Chalkboard Labels Sticker for a clutter-free and meticulously structured space. This set includes 39 Pcs reusable chalkboard labels & Marker, each measuring 70 x 40 mm in a charming lace design, delivering the ideal solution for your kitchen and pantry needs.

Wooden Desktop Multifunctional Storage Organizer

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Organize your desktop with this Wooden Desktop Multifunctional Storage Organizer. With 12 compartments and a drawer, it provides ample space for all your desk gadgets and stationary items. Assemble the organizer yourself and enjoy the sense of accomplishment as you create something functional and beautiful. The shelf is fixed with screws, ensuring a tight and secure fit, and no additional tools or glue are required for assembly. Made from eco-friendly wood board materials, this storage organizer is not only functional but also environmentally conscious. Its glossy surface and excellent touch feeling are a result of superb craftsmanship and specially varnished wood. Keep your desk tidy and free of clutter with this multifunctional organizer. It is easy to clean and protects your items from dust and water. This organizer also makes a perfect gift for anyone who loves DIY projects or values an organized workspace. Order yours today and experience the joy of a clutter-free desk.