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Fly Repellent Table Fan

Eradicate bothersome flies and bugs with our cutting-edge Fly Fans for Tables! This versatile Fly Repellent is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use, serving as an effective Bug Fan that keeps unwanted insects at bay. The battery-operated Fly Insect Traps Fan offers a silent and efficient solution, providing a peaceful environment on your patio or table. The innovative Zap Perfor Table Patio Fly Fans Deterrent ensures a hassle-free experience, allowing you to enjoy bug-free surroundings without the annoying buzz of flies. Don't let insects disrupt your space; invest in our Fly Fans for Tables to create a comfortable and pest-free environment for everyone. Say goodbye to fly troubles and hello to a serene atmosphere with our reliable and convenient solution.

UV light Mosquito Killer Lamp Insect Bug Fly Catcher

Banish mosquitoes and insects effectively with our Mosquito And Insect Zapper Killer UV Lamp. This USB CONNECT UV light Mosquito Killer Lamp is designed to attract and neutralize pests, creating a bug-free environment. Harnessing the power of UV light, this zapper mosquito killer lamp employs an internal power grid to instantly eliminate mosquitoes and other insects as they approach the flytrap. With USB connectivity, this lamp is convenient to power and ensures seamless operation. It acts not only as a mosquito killer but also as an Insect Bug Fly Catcher, offering a dual-purpose solution for pest control. The compact and efficient design makes it suitable for various settings, both indoor and outdoor, providing a quiet and safe solution to keep your surroundings free from bothersome bugs.

Mosquito And Insect Zapper Killer UV Lamp

Effortlessly combat mosquitoes and insects with our Mosquito And Insect Zapper Killer UV Lamp, now equipped with USB connectivity for added convenience. Specifically crafted to attract and efficiently eliminate pests, this zapper mosquito killer lamp employs an internal power grid to instantly neutralize mosquitoes and other insects upon approaching the flytrap. Boasting features such as less noise, no radiation, easy usability, a removable base, and non-toxicity, our product ensures a safe and effective solution to pest control. Ideal for both outdoor and indoor use, whether on the patio, in the garage, on the deck, in the lawn or garden, or within living rooms, this versatile zapper offers a sleek black design with a cold catalyst tube. Measuring 11 x 24.5cm and powered by a standard SA two-pin plug, our Mosquito And Insect Zapper Killer UV Lamp guarantees a quiet, efficient, and safe bug-free environment with the added convenience of USB connectivity. Please note that random colors will be sent, adding an element of surprise to your mosquito-free environment.

Rechargeable Mosquito UV Zapper Lamp Indoor

Ensure a mosquito-free home with our Rechargeable Mosquito Zapper Lamp Indoor, a small, careful, and almost silent device designed exclusively for indoor use. This powerful and portable indoor remover efficiently combats and eliminates mosquitoes without the need for outdoor killers. Featuring a Purple LED light that releases purple waves to attract mosquitoes to the grid, this device is easy to use and ideal for various settings, including home use, travel, and more. The 1200mAh large capacity battery ensures quick and easy charging via USB, providing 3-5 hours of cable-free operation. Get rid of mosquitoes physically without chemicals, ensuring a fast and effective solution that can be used around children and pets. Simply turn it on, and the mosquito annoyance will disappear, offering a protective shield for you and your family. Please note that random colors will be sent, adding an element of surprise to your mosquito-free environment.

Rechargeable Electric Mosquito Zapper Racket With Led Light

Experience unparalleled insect control with our Rechargeable Electric Mosquito Zapper Racket, now equipped with an LED light to make your pest-hunting even more effective. This 2-in-1 device combines an electric fly swatter with an insect zapper, featuring a powerful 3,000V grid that takes down flies and mosquitoes instantly. Powered by a built-in rechargeable lithium battery, it's always ready for action. Safety features like overload and short-circuit protection are built-in, and a power display keeps you informed. Experience pest-free comfort with our Rechargeable Electric Mosquito Zapper Racket with LED Light, designed to help you see and conquer those pesky insects. Please note that random colors will be sent with your order,

Rechargeable 2 In 1 Trap Lamp Mosquito Zapper Racket Fly Swatter

Experience the convenience of our new 2-in-1 Electric Fly Swatter design – the ultimate solution for combating flying pests. This versatile device allows you to manually use it as an electric fly swatter, effectively eliminating all types of flying nuisances such as mosquitoes and flies. Furthermore, you can connect it to the rechargeable base, transforming it into an insect extinguishing light. Enjoy tranquil moments free from bothersome insects. Product Features:
  1. Equipped with a 18650 lithium battery boasting a 400mAh capacity.
  2. The electric fly swatter automatically discharges residual electricity from the high-voltage surface when not in use.
  3. Features 6 mosquito-trapping purple lights with a selected wavelength of 360-400nm.
  4. Operates at a grid voltage of approximately 2500V during use.
  5. Power display function with four indicator lights (one light indicates 25% power, two lights indicate 50%, three lights indicate 75%, and four lights indicate 100%).
  6. Comprehensive safety features, including overload, short-circuit protection, and precise charging voltage detection, ensuring a secure and hassle-free charging experience.
Enjoy a pest-free environment with our multi-functional 2-in-1 Electric Fly Swatter.

Portable USB Rechargeable Mosquito & Insect Killer Night Lamp

Say goodbye to pesky mosquitoes and insects with our Portable USB Rechargeable Mosquito & Insect Killer Night Lamp. This electric shock mosquito killing lamp is perfect for spaces ranging from 51 to 100 square meters, ensuring comprehensive protection against annoying bugs. With a choice of colors – gray, white, or pink – this LED-powered device is as stylish as it is effective. Powered through USB, it combines mosquito wave light trap technology with mosquito electric shock to keep your surroundings bug-free. Say hello to peaceful nights and enjoyable evenings with this innovative insect killer lamp.

Wall Socket Electronic Mosquito Repellent Trap

Tired of being bothered by mosquitoes and flying insects all day long? It's time to try our Electric Wall-Socket Mosquito Repellent Trap. This innovative device lures mosquitoes with its dynamically charged lights, quickly and hygienically putting an end to the nuisance. What's even better is that it does the job without any poison or harmful chemicals, ensuring a clean and healthy environment. With low power consumption and a compact footprint, it's the most practical solution to keep those pesky mosquitoes at bay during the summer months. Available in blue and pink, this device is easy to use, efficient, and designed to make your space mosquito-free. Say goodbye to those annoying insects and enjoy a peaceful, bite-free environment. Please note that random colors will be sent with your order, ensuring a delightful surprise when you receive your Electric Wall-Socket Mosquito Repellent Trap. Enjoy the variety and effectiveness of this innovative device while adding a touch of excitement to your mosquito-free space.

Roach Doctor Cockroach Killing Gel 30g

To get rid of a cockroach infestation, you can spend a lot of money hiring an exterminator or using poisonous sprays. Instead, you can use this Roach Doctor Cockroach Killing Gel to get rid of these pesky little animals from your house, restaurant, or place of business. Just dab it in cracks and crevices where roaches are likely to hide; it is simple to use. The cockroaches will return to their hiding area after consuming the formula (bait), where they will die a few hours later. Product Features removes cockroaches from your home quickly Just dab it in crevices where roaches lurk. Cockroaches are attracted by a formula that kills them. a quick fix for your roach issue Several rooms are covered with one applicator. 30g net weight per applicator syringe for usage either inside or outside (1x Syringe included)

Mosquito Swatter Rechargeable With Built In Light

Before you use this product for the first time, it must be charged for at least 6 to 8 hours. It draws insects, then instantly electrocutes them to death. Simply shaking the electric fly swatter in their direction will quickly destroy all flying insects, including mosquitoes, flies, and gnats. Additionally, the Electric Fly Swatter is portable and easy to carry. Since the output power is so low, neither people nor pets are really at risk. The Electric Fly Swatter is odorless and free of any toxic or poisonous substances. However, once triggered, the net will get hot, so please keep young ones and your skin out of the way. Specifications:\s-100V-240V~AC Features: - Kills insects like mosquitoes with shock Effectively eliminate pests, flies, and mosquitoes Safe for people to touch inner netting; pollution-free; simple to use; suitable for both indoor and outdoor use; LED light What is inside the box 1 rechargeable mosquito swatter

Plant Fiber Mosquito Coils – 120 g ( 10 Coils Per Pack )

Discover the future of mosquito protection with our innovative plant fiber mosquito coils, crafted from raw materials derived from natural plant fibers. These coils redefine effectiveness, providing an unparalleled *2-hour protection period that's impenetrable to pesky mosquitoes, all while keeping your hands clean and free from odors or noxious fumes. Our advanced techniques have transformed traditional mosquito coils, ensuring they effectively repel mosquitoes without any loss during transportation. With an attractive value proposition, these coils can be easily divided and lit, leaving no sticky residue on your hands. They burn easily and maintain stability throughout, offering dual-action benefits and bacteriostasis. Elevate your mosquito defense with our revolutionary plant fiber mosquito coils today!