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3 Pack Tennis Ball For Outdoor Sports

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The Blue Tennis Ball Toy is the ultimate companion for your furry friend, combining fun with functionality. This 5-inch tennis ball toy is tailored for large dogs, particularly those experiencing anxiety or boredom. It serves as an excellent interactive plaything for both solo and guided activities such as fetch, hunt, and more. The vibrant blue color and robust design make these tennis balls not only appealing but also durable for various play styles. Ideal for gift-giving or even collecting autographs, this toy set includes three tennis balls that promise hours of entertainment. By tapping into natural canine behaviors like sniffing, finding, and retrieving, this toy is a fantastic tool for improving impulse control and strengthening the bond between pets and their owners. It's a thoughtful gift that supports physical and mental stimulation while providing noise-making fun that dogs love. Whether used indoors or out, this fetching toy stands out as a healthful play option designed to engage and soothe large dogs, making it an indispensable addition to your pet’s toy collection.

Roach Doctor Cockroach Killing Gel

Roach Doctor Cockroach Killing Gel offers an efficient and easy solution for eliminating cockroaches from residential and commercial spaces. This innovative gel bait targets hidden cockroaches in cracks and crevices, ensuring they consume the potent formula and perish shortly afterwards in their nests, preventing reinfestation. Ideal for use in homes, restaurants, or businesses, the gel is available in practical 5g or 30g syringe applicators. Apply the gel discreetly to infested areas to achieve fast and effective results, maintaining cleanliness and hygiene without the need for expensive exterminators or harmful sprays.

Senza Large Insulated Collapsible Picnic Basket 46 x 23 x 27 cm

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Discover the convenience and style of the Senza Large Insulated Collapsible Picnic Basket, available in six stunning colors to suit any taste. This picnic basket is designed for optimal functionality with a spacious insulated compartment to keep your food and drinks at the perfect temperature. Whether you're planning a romantic outing or a family adventure, this collapsible design makes it easy to store and transport, ensuring you're always ready for the next picturesque spot. Available in a variety of vibrant and classic colors, the Senza picnic basket is not just practical, but also a style statement. For those who prioritize convenience and efficiency in their outdoor accessories, this picnic basket features robust insulation that keeps contents cool and fresh for hours, making it an ideal choice for extended outings​​. Additionally, its large size accommodates all your picnic essentials, making it the perfect companion for any outdoor dining experience​

Paint Party Cutlery 12 Plastic Utensils Forks

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Add a splash of color to any celebration with our vibrant Paint Party Cutlery set, complete with 12 multi-hued plastic forks. Perfect for parties, these durable, cheerful forks are sure to brighten up your table setting. Ideal for birthday bashes, art-themed events, and all festive occasions, our easy-to-clean, reusable utensils are not just practical but also a bold style statement. Elevate your event with our Paint Party Cutlery set and make every meal a masterpiece.

Popsicle Molds Reusable Ice Cream Mold

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Delight in the simplicity of homemade frozen treats with our Groovy Popsicle Molds, a set of 6 reusable ice cream molds. These molds, featuring a unique drip-guard handle, are perfect for creating classic-shaped ice pops that evoke nostalgic summer days. They're not just about the fun; they're also practical, with a sturdy base ensuring they stand upright in the freezer. Ideal for kitchen enthusiasts looking for kitchen storage solutions or innovative kitchen gadgets, these BPA-free and dishwasher-safe molds make for a mess-free and enjoyable experience. Whether you're whipping up a batch of blueberry popsicles or exploring other freezer snacks, these molds are a convenient and healthy choice for any kitchen.

Rectangular Wooden Picture Frame 100mm X 150mm

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Rectangular Wooden Picture Frame 100mm X 150mm

Nano Double Sided Grip Tape Pack Of 2

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Introducing our Super Adhesive Double-Sided Tape, a groundbreaking product crafted from Nano-PU gel material, offering unmatched flexibility and formidable strength. Its high viscosity ensures that items up to 1 KG stay firmly in place. Designed for versatility, our tape is a godsend for any mounting, repairing, or decorating needs, adhering effortlessly to almost any smooth surface. What sets it apart is its washable and reusable nature, making it a sustainable choice for your adhesive requirements. Perfect for household and industrial use, this tape comes in a generous 2-meter length and 20mm width, with a practical thickness of 1mm. Whether it's securing rugs, hanging pictures, or mounting posters, our Heavy Duty Multipurpose Transparent Nano Double Sided Grip Tape is your go-to solution. Experience the unparalleled holding power and convenience of this tape in your daily life. What’s  In The Box 2 x Nano Double Sided Grip Tape 2m

Grip Flexible Drain Pipe Cleaner

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Ensure your sink stays clear and functional with the Grip Flexible Drain Pipe Cleaner 45CM, a must-have for every household. This nifty tool is perfect for swift and efficient drain unclogging, providing an immediate solution to blockages in sinks and showers. Its flexibility allows it to navigate through the twists and turns of your pipes, effectively removing hair and other obstructions that can cause blockages. With a robust design and a convenient length of 45cm, this drain cleaner is a practical addition to your home maintenance kit, keeping your drains flowing smoothly. Suitable for a variety of settings, from residential to commercial, it’s an indispensable asset for those unexpected moments when you need a quick fix for clogged pipes.

100 Sheet Senza Printed Grease Proof Universal Burger Wax Parchment Paper

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Elevate your food presentation and preservation with our premium 100 Sheet Printed Grease Proof Universal Burger Wax Parchment Paper. Designed for versatility and durability, this packaging solution keeps food like burgers, sandwiches, and fries fresh, hot, and hygienic. Perfectly sized at 300mm x 300mm, each sheet is crafted using a traditional technology that merges a silicone oil layer with a wood pulp layer, creating a heat-resistant and non-stick surface safe for microwave, freezer, and oven use up to 220 degrees Celsius. Our grease-proof paper, effective against moisture, oil, and water, ensures your wrapped foods maintain their integrity, whether in an air fryer or on the go. Ideal for restaurants or home use, this parchment paper is a healthier choice over silver foil, contributing to nutrient preservation in foods. Not just for daily use, the festive prints make it suitable for holidays and special events, adding a classic touch to your table decor. With these wraps, you are not just packaging food; you're ensuring a premium experience for your customers, making our wraps a staple for any food service establishment looking to provide quality with convenience. Please note that random colors will be sent, adding an element of surprise to your order What's In The Box 100 Sheets Senza Printed Grease Proof Universal Burger Wax Parchment Paper

HOCO Multifunctional Swift Shine 8-in-1 Foldable Gadget Cleaning Set

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Introducing the Hoco DI35 Multifunctional Cleaning Kit 8 in 1, the ultimate companion for your electronics care. This all-inclusive kit is skillfully designed to support the upkeep of your prized gadgets. Featuring a suite of precision tools, from a gentle yet effective High-Density Soft Brush to a meticulous Cleaning Nib, each instrument is crafted to address every aspect of device cleanliness. The Key Puller makes keyboard maintenance effortless, while the versatile Cleaning Brush tackles diverse surfaces with ease. Each swipe of the Velcro Washable Microfiber Cloth ensures a fingerprint-free finish, and the Screen Cleaning Fluid Nozzle delivers a streak-free shine. Not only does this kit keep your devices spotless, but it also includes a convenient Phone Stand for stable, hands-free viewing. For the discerning tech aficionado, the Hoco DI35 Kit is a testament to superior electronic care.
  1. Cleaning Cotton Swab: Precision is paramount with the Cleaning Cotton Swab, tailored for delicate areas such as button crevices and ports. Safely eliminate dust and debris without compromising the integrity of your devices.
  2. Cleaning Nib: Designed for stylus pens and graphics tablets, the Cleaning Nib ensures meticulous cleaning without sacrificing device sensitivity. Bid farewell to stubborn smudges and maintain optimal performance.
  3. High-Density Soft Brush: The High-Density Soft Brush is your go-to tool for sweeping away loose particles and dust from device surfaces. Its soft bristles make it ideal for screens and delicate areas, ensuring a thorough yet gentle clean.
  4. Key Puller: Effortlessly tackle the spaces between keys with the Key Puller, perfect for keyboards and devices with physical buttons. Efficiently remove dirt and debris, restoring your devices to their pristine condition.
  5. Cleaning Brush: Versatile and effective, the Cleaning Brush is designed for general cleaning purposes on various surfaces. Say goodbye to hard-to-reach dust and particles as you effortlessly sweep them away.
  6. Velcro Washable Microfiber Cloth: The Velcro Washable Microfiber Cloth is reusable and ingenious, trapping and lifting dust, fingerprints, and smudges from screens and surfaces. Its Velcro feature ensures easy attachment and detachment from the cleaning tool, offering a hassle-free cleaning experience.
  7. Screen Cleaning Fluid Nozzle: Experience crystal-clear displays with the Screen Cleaning Fluid Nozzle. Specially designed to dispense a cleaning solution that removes fingerprints and residues without leaving streaks, ensuring your screens shine with clarity.
  8. Phone Stand: Elevate your cleaning experience with the included Phone Stand, providing a practical and stable platform for your device. Enjoy hands-free use during cleaning or indulge in content consumption with ease.
The Hoco DI35 Multifunctional Cleaning Kit 8 in 1 redefines cleanliness for your electronic companions. With its thoughtful design and versatile tools, this kit ensures your devices remain in pristine condition, ready to shine at their best. Upgrade your cleaning routine with the precision and care of the Hoco DI35 - where technology meets cleanliness. What's in the box 1 x Multifunctional Foldable Cleaning Kit 8 In 1 HOCO=(DI35)

370ml Clear Square Glass Cups with Lids & Straws Tumbler

Indulge in the elegance of our 370ml Clear Square Glass Cups, straw brush with Lids & Straws Tumbler, a stylish addition to any beverage experience. Available in a versatile 1-piece or a complete 4-piece set, this tumbler ensemble is thoughtfully designed with high-quality borosilicate glass, ensuring durability for both freezer and dishwasher use. Its chic, clear square design, coupled with a comfortable handle and secure bamboo lid, makes it perfect for a variety of drinks, from iced coffee to refreshing juices. Ideal for gifting, these tumblers serve as an exquisite choice for any occasion, blending functionality with a touch of sophistication for your daily hydration or social gatherings.  

Bonkerz Bubblez Giant Bubble Maker Set 250ml

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Bring home the joy of endless fun with the Bonkerz Bubblez Giant Bubble Maker Set. This captivating toy is designed to create streams and streams of gigantic bubbles, ensuring hours of entertainment. It's the perfect addition to any party and a hit for a children's gift. The set comes with everything you need to start the fun, including two wands, a flat bowl, and a 250ml solution of premixed, non-toxic bubble liquid, ensuring it's safe and straightforward to use. While it's not suitable for children under three, it's an ideal choice for letting older kids explore and enjoy the outdoors with a bit of soapy magic. Dive into a bubbly adventure and watch your child's creativity take flight with the vibrant bubble colors – a delightful playtime that's just a dunk, blow, and giggle away.