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Door Stoppers – Pack Of 3

Original price was: R129.00.Current price is: R99.00.
These sturdy non-slip door stoppers are suitable for wood, glass, and steel doors and provide superior clench on floors such

Cupboard Hinge Light – Pack Of 4

Original price was: R120.00.Current price is: R99.00.
Convenient: The lamp turns on automatically when you open the cabinet and turns off when you close it, so you don't need to take a flashlight when looking for something in the cabinet. Energy efficient - Our hinge light has 3 pieces of led beads and is powered by a 23A 12V battery (not included), lasting up to 3,000 minutes per battery cycle (around 8000 times cabinet opening). How to Setup - 1. Remove the hinge screws and properly install the base part. 2. Screwing the hinge and base part together. 3. Putting the battery into the led light 4. Attaching the led light to the base. 5. Completed

Fold Up Table Black

Original price was: R890.00.Current price is: R699.00.
Folding tables can be used both inside and outside. When having supper with the family, spending holidays with friends, or