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Rectangular Wooden Picture Frame 100mm X 150mm

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Rectangular Wooden Picture Frame 100mm X 150mm

Nano Double Sided Grip Tape Pack Of 2

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Introducing our Super Adhesive Double-Sided Tape, a groundbreaking product crafted from Nano-PU gel material, offering unmatched flexibility and formidable strength. Its high viscosity ensures that items up to 1 KG stay firmly in place. Designed for versatility, our tape is a godsend for any mounting, repairing, or decorating needs, adhering effortlessly to almost any smooth surface. What sets it apart is its washable and reusable nature, making it a sustainable choice for your adhesive requirements. Perfect for household and industrial use, this tape comes in a generous 2-meter length and 20mm width, with a practical thickness of 1mm. Whether it's securing rugs, hanging pictures, or mounting posters, our Heavy Duty Multipurpose Transparent Nano Double Sided Grip Tape is your go-to solution. Experience the unparalleled holding power and convenience of this tape in your daily life. What’s  In The Box 2 x Nano Double Sided Grip Tape 2m

Citronella Candle In Steel Bucket Mosquito & Insect Repellent 300g

Brighten up your outdoor evenings with our Citronella Candle in a Steel Bucket, a stylish and practical solution to keep mosquitoes and insects at bay. This 300g citronella candle is a must-have for anyone looking to enjoy peaceful, bug-free nights. Its vibrant yellow or blue  steel bucket not only adds a pop of color to your patio decor but also ensures durability for outdoor use. The robust handle makes it easy to carry or hang for versatile placement. Perfect for garden parties, BBQs, or any outdoor event, our citronella candle provides both ambient light and insect repellent properties. Light up your space with this chic and functional accessory, and forget about those pesky insects ruining your outdoor relaxation time. Order now and transform your outdoor living experience.

Self Adhesive Heavy Duty Universal Wall Hooks 8 Pack

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Enhance your home's functionality with our 8 Pack Self Adhesive Heavy Duty Universal Wall Hooks. Designed for simplicity and durability, these hooks blend acrylic and stainless steel for a robust build that carries up to 6kg. They're eco-friendly, recyclable, and boast a long service life, making them ideal for humid environments. No drilling needed; simply peel and stick for a secure hold on smooth surfaces. With a stylish, transparent flower design, they're a discreet yet elegant addition to any decor, perfect for hanging plants, pictures, kitchen utensils, and more. What's In The Box 1 x Pack Of 8 Hooks

Rain Cloud Humidifier Water Drip 400 ml, Essential Oil Diffuser with 7 Colours LED

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Transform your living spaces with our Rain Cloud Humidifier Water Drip, a 400 ml Essential Oil Diffuser featuring 7 Colours LED lights for a soothing ambiance. With an impressive diffusion time of over 48 hours, this cold mist diffuser uses ultrasonic technology to create a soft environment by infusing essential oils with flowing water. Strike the perfect balance by moistening the air without overwhelming it, adding a relaxing touch to your living room, office, or bedroom. The flowing water releases negative ions and energy, contributing to a healthier environment. Revel in the tranquility created by the 7 changing colours lights, providing a relaxing atmosphere conducive to restful sleep. The device not only cleans and humidifies the air but also alleviates dry skin and lips. Crafted from BPA-free and food-safe materials, our diffuser prioritizes safety and environmental responsibility. The waterless automatic shut-off function ensures overnight safety. Additionally, this versatile product can operate independently for over 15 hours when fully charged, delivering a quiet and comfortable environment wherever you go. Embrace the benefits of our Rain Cloud Humidifier for a refreshing and rejuvenating atmosphere.

Lazy Susan Turntable, Tempered Glass Rotating Tray 35cm

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No more reaching for the ketchup with this lazy susan turntable, which will make dining with a large group more enjoyable. The spinning tray rotates 360 degrees and is ideal for the dining table or patio, allowing you to access your favorite condiments or food from wherever you are sitting. Maintain a Clutter-Free Kitchen Take the time to organize your pantry or cupboard so that you can enjoy a clutter-free kitchen. The 35cm lazy susan is the ideal size for most cabinets and pantries. Use it to organize smaller cans or spices so you can find what you need quickly and easily. The condiment organizer has a sleek and modern design that is both durable and stylish. It is constructed of two panes of glass.

Scented Drawer Liners Box Of 6 Lavender Or Magnolia

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The scent of lavender or magnolia is sweet, floral, and herbal. The scent of can contribute to the creation of a calm, peaceful, and tranquil environment. Each box contains 6 sheets. Each sheet measures approximately 420mm X 580mm and is non-adhesive. Each sheet has a scented drawer liner. Simple to cut and install for drawers and shelves in your home. You'll enjoy taking your scented clothes out of the dresser every day.

Rotating Moon Star Projector Desk Lamp for Bedroom

STARRY NIGHT LIGHT: When plugged in, the starry light will project a colorful moon star sky onto your room’s walls