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Senza Smart Under Shelf Spice Rack

With limited kitchen cabinet space, this creative design utilizes the empty area beneath your shelves with a convenient pull-out compartment that can contain up to seven spice jars. Features: - Can accommodate up to seven conventional spice jars (11cm H x 5cm D and smaller) Jars are not included. The installation is simple and tool-free using strong 3M VHB tape. It fits nicely onto your existing shelf. It is appropriate for kitchen units wider than 32 cm. The maximum shelf thickness is 2 cm. How to install: - Clean the shelf's underside and let it fully dry. Take off the adhesive tape's backing. Place hooks over the shelf's edge and apply pressure to the tape area for 30 seconds. wait use for 24 hours.   What is inside the box 1 × Under-Shelf Spice Rack for Kitchens