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Multipurpose Scouring Pads-Pack of 30

  • These super strong and durable scour pads will help you to keep your dishes and household appliances sparkling clean after every use. Simply, these little fellows do all the hard work for you! They don't trap food particles in, minimizing foul smell and mold growth
  • ✓Specification: Our scrub pads will not leave any marks. They are soft on your non-stick and cast iron pan, stainless steel oven, and kitchen tiles. These heavy-duty scrubbing pads are perfect for abrasive cleaning and scrubbing. it wipes dirt and food particles easily without leaving scratches or streaks


  • NO MORE MUDDY AND DIRTY FLOORS with SUPER ABSORBENT FIBERS - Brown/Tan color hides absorbed dirt/mud marks and are less visible - Less Washing - Require fewer washings compared to Gray or Black color mats which require frequent washing. Scrape off dirt, water, dust, grit, mud, slush, sleet, grass or snow and absorbs moisture from shoes instantly, keeps floor dry and clean. Perfect for homes with pets and kids.
  • INDOOR DOOR MAT Measures 600X400. Mix of Brown & White color fibers. Heavy duty entrance door rugs widely used for home decor, inside non slip floor mat, indoor front welcome mat, kitchen rug, back door carpet. Use in bedroom, living room, laundry, office, garage and high traffic areas. Low profile design.

Shower Exfoliating Scrub Gloves-PACK OF 4 PAIRS

  • Bath gloves for shower: Exfoliate and cleanse your skin to a silky smooth and soft with our body scrub gloves
  • Lengthen large size : Our exfoliating shower gloves is improved extended version which is a bit larger than most of the sizes on the market. Textured mitts are elasticized to stretch, two size suitable for both women and men. The elastic wrist provides a perfect fit and keeps the shower gloves stay in place.
  • Bring smooth skin: wash gloves for bathing work with soap, body scrubs, shower gels, or sea salts can deep clean your skin, remove dead skin cells, helps to renew your skin. Leaving your skin glowing and improve blood circulation.
  • Suitable for all skin types: Especially excellent for dry, oily, combination or rough skin. Gentle exfoliation for sensitive skin and everyday use, helps your combat acne, rashes, eczema and more.
  • Benefit for skin health: Eliminates dry, Improves skin texture, activates blood circulation, and makes the skin smooth. Reuse can soften rough, dry skin. Unblock pores and reduce cellulite appearance. Perfect bath accessories spa massage gift, Designed with convenient hanging loop, can be reused.

Garden Of Eden Luxury Diffuser (Patchouli & Lily) – 100ml

Garden Of Eden Luxury Diffuser (Patchouli & Lily) - 100ml 100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils. No fillers, NO Additives, or Carriers Added. A Handpicked selection from different parts of the world, including countries like ( France, Australia , Brazil ) Used in professional environments like massage facilities, beauty salons and offices

Garden Of Eden Luxury Diffuser (Wild Fuchsia) – 100ml

Garden Of Eden Luxury Diffuser (Wild Fuchsia) - 100ml 100% Pure Therapeutic Essential Oils. No fillers, NO Additives, or Carriers Added. A Handpicked selection from different parts of the world, including countries like ( France, Australia , Brazil ) Used in professional environments like massage facilities, beauty salons and offices


  • Designed to use in closets, basements, cabins, bathrooms, garages, laundry rooms, and other enclosed spaces. Moisture Absorbers
  • Freshens room air by eliminating musty odor caused by excess moisture. Protects clothes and items from excess moisture damage. Premium Moisture Absorbers

PACK OF 2-Twist Microfiber Hair Towel Wrap for Women

  • DRY YOUR HAIR FAST: Nothing beats the original. Our microfiber hair wrap is made from a super absorbent material that is specially designed to gently and quickly dry hair. Your hair dries faster, helping to prevent frizz and damage. This set of two Twists comes wrapped in ribbon, making easy and perfect gifts for a girlfriend, mom, new parent, teacher, dorm room, you name it!

Shower Brush for Body Cellulite and Lymphatic, Exfoliating Body Scrub

  • 🌠SMOOTHER MORE YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE – dry brushing is using our Aodisman dry body brush as one of her top beauty secrets to help tone and tighten her skin. And it only takes 5 min a day before you shower!
  • 🌠ELIMINATE DRY, FLAKY SKIN – Allow your skin to “breathe” by unclogging your pores. Dry brushing easily removes those dead skin cells, so your skin can absorb moisture better and look plumper and less wrinkly.


2 in 1 design that use more convenient and easily. Brush to clean feet and nails. Pumice stone to soften feet heels and toes. Smooth rough surfaces and calluses. Portable and light-weight, easy to carry. It can help you removes hard, dry skin and roughened skin. It is perfect pedicure foot care. It will help you rub your feet's dead skin and make you feet smooth and comfortable. Specifications: Material: ABS + Alloy + Foot Stone Size:22CM Color: As shown in the picture Package Included:1*Grinding foot tool

PACK OF 10 – Micro Fiber Cloth Cleaning, Soft Lint Free and Super Absorbent Microfiber Cloth

  • lint free cleaning cloth: These premium cleaning rags for housekeeping capture dust, dirt and grime like a magnet, they are also perfect dish rags which don't smell, removes grease and particles from microwave oven, plates, pots or pans effortlessly. Microfiber dusting cloths, provides you an ample cleaning cloths for house washable for all your household needs in daily life.


  • 1 Large size mat 600x430 
  • SUPER QUALITY AND COMFORT; This super soft and ultra-comfortable bath rug feels super comfortable when your feet steps on it, made of 100% super soft microfiber, filled with soft memory foam cushioning, the outer material is super soft and cozy velvet feel microfiber.
  • NON-SLIP AND ABSORBENT; Heavy-duty design makes it possible to absorb water rapidly. This is just what you need to protect your feet from the cold floor at the same time it protects your floor from moisture. Powerful gripping rubber backing to prevent slippage, made with PVC dots, non-skid, stick to the floor and it won't run away.


  • Relax hair entanglement: Silicone toilet bristles are made of soft materials. It is not easy to entangle hair and other stolen goods. Just rinse with water and won't stain your hands. Save your time to clear the garbage
  • Durable and effective: We use TPR material, the toilet brush is durable and flexible, can be perfectly cleaned, will not be deformed or damaged, touch every part of the toilet, deep clean the groove
  • Convenient storage: The toilet brush set, the base adopts a free flip design, can be wall-mounted on the wall without drilling, reducing your installation troubles, just stick it, easy to install, it can be done by men and women, and can also be placed on the floor
  • No scratches: Silicone rubber brush head provides deep cleaning, will not easily decompose, will not change the shape, soft bristles will not damage the glaze of the toilet, no scratches, prolong the use of the toilet
  • Quick-drying bractke:The silicone toilet brush is designed with an ergonomically elongated handle, which is comfortable to grip, and the bracket will not accumulate water due to natural evaporation