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Clean Cham Dirt and Stain Remover Set Of 2

Make sure to equip your vehicle with the essential Highly Absorptive Synthetic PVC Chamois Cleaning Cham, a must-have for every car owner. This versatile cleaning cham is not only perfect for maintaining your vehicle's pristine appearance but also excels at cleaning enamel, glass, furniture, and more. Say goodbye to stubborn dirt and stains as they effortlessly vanish with the power of our synthetic PVC chamois. To ensure the longevity of your chamois, remember to keep it in prime condition. When it dries out and becomes stiff, simply immerse it in water for quick regeneration. Cleaning your chamois is a breeze – use warm water with a mild soap detergent. And for the utmost care, always store your clean cham damp in the provided case after each use. Elevate your cleaning routine and invest in the essential Synthetic PVC Chamois Cleaning Cham today for unmatched cleaning power and convenience. What's in the box 1 x Clean Cham Dirt and Stain Remover 66cm X 43cm X 0,2cm 1 x Clean Cham Dirt and Stain Remover 43cm X 32cm X 0,2cm